Buffalo Cinderellas details the fascinating life stories of two men who distributed souvenir stamps for the 1901 Pan American Exposition. The book is a self-published, high-quality hardcover, 182 pages in length, printed on a fine paper stock, with 338 full-color images throughout. Also included is an unparalleled, extremely detailed, fully illustrated 24 page "Stamp Appendix" which will help collectors in ways that have been previously unavailable with regard to the Exposition souvenir stamps. Shown below is the Limited "Logo Block" Edition; only 30 were produced, and one third of those have already sold! It is signed and numbered by the author beneath an actual six stamp "logo block" of the terrific Pan American Expo cinderella shown on the book's front cover! Here is more about what you'll enjoy...

The electrifying 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York offered a spirited message of hope and possibility. Over eight million people flocked to the spectacular Pan Am, and there were substantial opportunities for businessmen to profit.

Two very different people did so by creating souvenir “cinderella” stamps for the event. One was a reputable man who sold over four million Expo stamps and became a respected philatelic expert; the other was a traveling charlatan who later drifted into the darkness of forgery and swindling.

Their riviting stories and adventures jump off the pages. And the items they created, that are an ever increasing attraction to stamp collectors and lovers of intrigue alike, are  beautifully pictured and precisely detailed inside as well!


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